Welcome to the Muroc company website


Where old world Craftsmanship & Ingenuity meet modern technology.

 Our experienced craftsmen have very diverse backgrounds in Aerospace & Automotive design & manufacturing. Below is a short list of our basic capabilities. 



  • Design    
  • Manufacturing 
  • Welding    
  • Machining    
  • Hydraulics    
  • Jigs  


  • Tooling    
  • Fabrication    
  • Composites      
  • Prototypes    
  • Pneumatics    
  • Fixtures  


Using Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) tools along with manual machining and processing allows Muroc to be flexible, fast and efficient.


  Muroc's dedication to quality is unsurpassed in the industry due to the obsessive craftsmen that make up the staff. Whether your a large corporation or a hobbyist needing parts for your next project - if you need it done right, then you need it done by Muroc.